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5 Best Online Jobs In Pakistan

5 Best Online Jobs In Pakistan That Pays On Time!!
 1) Paid To Click  online job (PTC) Sites

Making Money Online with PTC site is simple by reading advertisements, watching videos, completing tasks, taking surveys, etc,. the reason why I put this online jobs as #1 is because it doesn’t require any special skills. All you got to do is to sign up for the PTC sites and start reading ads. With this method you cannot make a lot of $$ but it still worth your time to work on PTC sites.
​They pay quit a few dollars per day, but the best thing about this method is that it takes only 10-15 minutes/day. There are ways with these sites to make 50-100$ a day but for that you need a lot of people to join under you.

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Online Jobs

2) Online Microworking jobs

Online jobs, Micro jobs or mini jobs are small tasks which you will require few minutes to complete and you will get about 3  – 1000 rupees or $0.03-$10 per task  depending upon the task length and complexity. There are many websites where you can do online tasks. But only few of them pays on time. Here is the list of Top 3 paying sites 1) Clixsense  2) Amazon Mechanical Turk  3) Neobux

3) Running Advertisements on your website Online jobs.

This is my favourite way of making money online amongst all, the reason why I put this at #2 in my list is because this needs time and patience, which many people don’t have. Most of us have already heard about making money with websites. Well, the matter of fact that not all websites can make money, only good once with valuable content can generate good revenues.

How do I make a website?
It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with coding or not, you can still make websites with zero knowledge of HTML5, CSS4, JAVA SCRIPT or PHP. Their are simple tools with which you can simply make website in an hour.

1) If you like to drag and drop weebly is the best tool for you to make website.
2) If you would like to use ready made themes and plugins with a simple interface then wordpress is just perfect.

There are ample number of free tools available online, I mentioned some of the most user friendly once.
I would like recommend you to use wordpress if your’e intensions are purely to make a good website for making money.

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Once you make your website, the next step is to start making money with it.
How do I make money with my website ? 
There are several ways to do this, I don’t want to confuse you with all of them. The best and simple way is to put ads on your website by using Google Adsense or any other Advertising Networks.
​Here you can learn how to make money with Adsense.

4) Online Jobs With Affiliate Marketing For Popular Websites

If you know how to make a website by now, you can use it to make good money with affiliate marketing. The entire process behind the affiliate marketing is very simple. Its all about selling other people products in exchange for a commission. Its kind of like those retail stores where products are sold and the seller gets the commission from the products owner, except you will be doing it online without dealing with the customer face to face.

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5) Online jobs with worlds leading $5 market (Fiverr)

If you are familiar with any type of service such as SEO related service, Logo designing, photoshop, website design, sell pictures, sell videos, etc,. Basically you can sell almost any time of service on for $5



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